Life Is Like A Dance

Life has thrown me a loop of monumental proportions. Recent events have greatly affected my family and life circumstances, and that has taken priority over everything else at the moment.

While it has been my dream to dance for my job and I have loved teaching Salsa Babies over the past few months, I have decided to complete the last few weeks of this session and then take a break from the business until the Fall.  Although I am totally unsure of how things will be by that time, I am putting it out there to God and the Universe to help me make this happen in the best way possible.  Along with re-aligning what is necessary to bring my family and life back into harmony.

One morning last week, as I was pondering “what am I to do and how do I handle all this?”, my thoughts turned to dancing, and I recalled all the things I loved about it.  An odd thing to pop up in the midst of turmoil, I know.  For me, dancing always makes me joyful, energetic and positive.

Suddenly, I was struck with an A-HA revelation:

Life is like a dance.

I immediately texted the following to my life coach (who, I might add, is PHENOMENAL—let me know if you are looking for someone to help you re-align with what you want from your life, I’ll pass his name on to you):

“Am thinking about salsa and what I love about it.  And that I should approach life and my current situation like a social dance with a partner: I have no idea what move the guy will put me into…it’s up to ME to tune into the signals he sends, connect with them and respond in the best way I know how, according to my experience.  And to continue to learn as much as I can along the way so I can better respond and make the correct steps with the right timing.  For me as a woman in the dance, I can’t predict what move my dance partner will throw me into.  All I can do is LET GO OF MY CONTROL and respond in the best way I know how to.  And TRUST that even if there are fumbles along the way, learning from these will lead to a beautiful dance in the end.”

Tune into the signals and connect with them.  Let go of my control, and respond in the best, most positive way I know how.  And even if I stumble, trip and fall along the way, I learn and improve from them.  Most of all, I have to TRUST that in the end, the best outcome will take place.

I thought about all the other ways that life was like a dance, and once I started making those analogies, my perspective seriously began to lighten up and become more hopeful.

Life will throw me into a couple moves that will challenge my responses to them.  At first, I’ll react in the ways I’ve always known or believed to be right and just.  If that doesn’t work, I might not have a clue what to do or what steps to take, and this might be incredibly frustrating and intimidating.  I could try to control every variable to learn the lesson as quickly as possible, but this only leads to more frustration and dejection, and to walk off the dance floor saying, “I can’t do it”.  And when I say “I CAN’T”, I shut down everything and anything that leads to “I CAN”.

If however I let go of the negative feelings around the dance and focus on what I can do well, I immediately feel HOPE that it will get better.  With hope comes the motivation to explore and work on what can be improved upon.  Eventually, with practice, perseverance, courage and a good dose of faith, the body and brain makes those “A-HA” connections.  I can therefore respond and connect more appropriately and with better timing.

Best of all, the dance feels easier, lighter, and moves more freely with JOY.

Here’s to dancing through this difficult time.  May it be a beautiful one in end!

Sending you and your loved ones love, light and blessings.  Thanks for your support and understanding–See You Soon 🙂

Lou xo

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