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Group Classes (including practice/social dance night): Learn how to dance Salsa in a super fun environment with great people and good vibes! 

6:30-7:15pm  Rueda de Casino  (What’s this?! Click Here!)                                                                                                   Pre-Requisite: Cross Body Lead Step; Class will be taught “On 1” 

7:15-8pm  Intro to Salsa On2   (What’s this?!  Scroll Down!) 

Great class for: Newbies to Salsa Dance, On 1 dancers with little/no On 2 experience, and dancers who want a solid review/foundation of the basics On 2!)

7:15-8pm Salsa On2 Stylin’ Combos

Pre-Requisite: Previous experience with Salsa On2 or Completion of Black Belt Salsa White 1, Week 1 class (ie. Left Break Turns in High hands and Shoulders)

Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to register/check in before class begins.

NEW!  We have moved to an Online Registration System!  This replaces the paper registration and waiver forms.  It is strongly recommended to create your account and register for your spot before the night of classes!  

Instructions for Online Sign Up: 

  1.  Click on “Sign Up Now” tab below or click HERE!
  2. Create an account for yourself on this system (this replaces the paper registration form).  
  3. Once you have created your account, click on the “Online Store” tab  in the top right corner. 
  4. Choose from the drop down menu which membership you would like: group classes or private lessons
  5. If you choose group classes, you can choose between “drop in”, “monthly membership” or “student monthly membership”.
  6. Follow the rest of the instructions to complete registration. You can choose to sign up for your spot and pay immediately OR simply reserve the spot and bring payment to your first class. 
  7. You’re done!  Contact us if you have any difficulties.  

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IF you prefer not to register and pay online, you may download both the registration and waiver forms by going to those buttons at the top left of this page.  Print them out, complete and bring them to class with payment at least 10 minutes before class begins, so we can enter you into the system.


Private Lessons: $75/ hour for both singles and couples. Student discount with valid ID.  Bundles of 5 and 10 packages available–reduce the cost of each lesson!  Click HERE to book your private lesson now! (See above for online sign up instructions).

Private Lessons

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Apprenticeship Program: Become an incredible dancer while learning how to become an instructor! Email Lou at for more information about this amazing opportunity! Training takes place weekly at the Interplay Studio in the Smiley Building.

Black Belt Salsa All-Day Bootcamp: Learn the tricks and techniques of the Black Belt Salsa program and get a gigantic head start on group classes! This boot camp is strongly recommended for both beginners and advanced salsa dancers as it will introduce the foundation of Black Belt Salsa group classes. Date and Location: TBA

See you on the dance floor!


“On1 Salsa timing is commonly known as L.A. style, which has often focused on sharp hits in the music and flashy moves.

On2 Salsa timing is commonly known as New York style. It is known for its more suave feel and turn patterns/combinations.

Put simply, On 1 feels faster and more staccato, whereas On 2 feels more laid back and smooth.” (Credit: The Dance Dojo)

Salsa On 2 is currently the most common form of social Salsa dancing around the world.  People who learn Salsa On 2 first have a much easier transition to learning Salsa On 1, which is why we teach it first.  Good news for already On 1 dancers is that it is not difficult to transition to On 2 with the right instruction, and the versatility of knowing both makes for an amazing dancer!!

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Interested in private lessons? Find out more:

Private Lessons

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